Monday, January 14, 2013

Mulled Red Wine

This year I got a nice gift from my co-worker. I love these surprise gifts, especial homemade ones. She gave out little bags of what she called potpourri  or mulled wine mixes. 
Just opening the bag smelled so good. 
I decided to use the bag over the holidays to make some mulled wine. 
It contained sugar, cinnamon sticks, cranberries, cloves and an orange. 
I took the bag and added a bit more sugar and another cinnamon stick. I dumped that in a large saucepan with a bottle of sweet red wine and a cup of brandy. Then I simmered it all together for a good hour on the stove. I wish I would have used two bottles of wine after that. There was a lot of evaporation.
Next I strained the wine with a sieve and put it back in the pan to keep warm.
I served the wine with floating cranberries. I think it turned out so good. It gave the red wine a really deep flavor.

I hope you enjoy

~ Cassi

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