Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What We Wore Wednesday

Mouse and I seem to be on a brown kick this past week or so. I have two brown dresses I seem to gravitate to when I need a pick fun outfit. Matching them with a long sweater and belt work perfectly every time.
Sweater is from New York and Co I believe but it has been to long for me to remember. Dress was thrifted along with the necklace. Boots are from Bass Outlet. Funny part about this out fit is the socks are actually stolen from my Grandma's closet. Yep, she has good taste.

 Do ever look back at an outfit and realize the skirt may be a bit to short? Yep, this is one of those times. But in truth I will probably wear it again because I love how the whole of the outfit looked.
Sweater and Dress: is from some where, I would have to go back through past WIWW to figure it out and I don't feel like doing that today. The necklace is made by me and the boots are from Bass Outlet.
I soo love this shirt of Mouse's. We have a thing for cute foxes at this house. And this shirt from Children's Place is perfect. The skirt is JCPenny and the boots are thifted.  She wore this to dinner with me and some girlfriends, she thought she was perfect grown up.

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