Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cozy nest

A few weeks ago we had the Mazda in for a recall to fix something with the wiper blades.  We rarely bring the car back to the dealer, the up sell pressure is to much for me.  I don't need to spend money to have the doors oiled.  It's a newer car!  So, I get comfortable in the waiting room and start reading a magazine that has test drives for small SUVs.  We are causally looking at replacing the Mazda so this was the perfect article.  I finish the article and the repair rep walks into the waiting room, clipboard in hand.  Oh oh, here it comes, the "well with the miles on the car you need this and that done, and your doors oiled"  I braced myself and kept the phrase "no" going in my head.  He sits down "need to talk to you about what we found"  OK I respond.  "there is a mouse nest inside the engine compartment" Ummm, I'm embarrassed, but now we know were the elusive garage mouse was living. The repair rep then goes on to tell me how much damage a mouse can do to an engine compartment.  Apparently wires are very tasty to mice.  Luckily the dealer cleaned out the nest, for no charge, but right at the end of telling me about the mouse nest the rep sneaks in, "oh, and your brakes are real bad"  Well, that's what happens when one driver of the car is a "spirited" driver.

Apparently mouse nests in engine compartments is common.  I googled the images and many people have had this issue.  Then there are images of nests in grills and even computers!

I am glad that the engine mouse decided not to enter the house, though with two cats it may not have made it very far.


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