Friday, July 13, 2012

Insta - Friday ~ we stayed busy

The weather has finally relented a little here is steamy Minnesota. This past week we were able to get out and enjoy the days without melting. (Yes, in my head I say that like the wicked witch every time. And I don't even like that movie)
But back to our week in review.
We went camping this past weekend. While camping we are sure to do some Geocaching throughout the weekend. Geocaching has become are favorite family activity. It's so much fun to find hidden objects while getting out their and enjoying nature. Monday night we decided to do a little more caching and we finally dropped off the travel bug we collected in California. Now we get to watch to see where it goes next.
Every Tuesday Steve and I do date night. It's great to have standing babysitter for Mouse (thank you Grandma and Grandpa). This week we had a reason to celebrate. My closest and longest friend just made partner at her law firm!! We are so excited and proud of her. So we celebrated with dinner out. Steve and I got there a little early so we took a walk around downtown Minneapolis.
I love the Mill City area and the stone arch bridge. I can tell why this location is a favorite among Minnesota photographers. I can't wait to schedule my next photo shoot here. And then here is Steve and I just because it's cute.
Last night we made one of our family favorites for dinner. Steve is not a big tomato fan, thus meaning he won't eat them. But BLT's are one of my favorite sandwiches, then Steve introduced me to his version of a BLT. Bacon, Cucumber and Miracle Whip with salt and pepper. Oh it is soo good, you have to try it.
Ok, I might overly salt and pepper mine and then need to drink an entire liter of water throughout the rest of the night, but it is worth it.

How was your week?

~ Cassi

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