Friday, June 15, 2012

Insta Friday ~ Crazy Week

This week has been crazy busy. We had so much going on and really the weekend isn't slowing it down for us. But in all this crazy we have been able to eek out family time and some God called moments. So I can't really be to tired.
We started it last weekend with events all day. Beginning with Steve & I working a Compassion booth at the Joyful Noise Fest.
This picture barely captures the amount of people that were there. We got a decent number of sponsors from the event. We're praying for all those that became sponsors this weekend may it bless them as much as it does us.
Sunday Steve had meetings before church, so Mouse and I went out for breakfast. It was soo good to have some Mommy / Daughter time.
Here is her double chocolate muffin and water is in the coffee cup. She likes to look like Mom but no coffee for her quite yet.
Monday night Mouse and I went out for some more girl time, meeting up with my Sister-in-law and nephew for a walk through the park and ice-cream.
He had a little mishap with the ice-cream. No, he didn't eat any but some landed on his head and gave him crazy spiky hair. We all laughed so hard.
Tuesday we got my car all nice and clean so missionary friends of ours could borrow it for the week.
Steve said they should come every year it is the cleanest he's ever seen my car. I haven't been without a car since I was 18 (I know crazy 1 world problems) but it was an adjustment. We don't live in an area that public transportation is an option. But it all worked out and I am glad we were able to help out some friends.
It did work out nice that Steve and I started car pool to work this summer. Oh, how I love that extra 15 minutes of sleep on the ride in. And the being able to enjoy the sun on the way home.
Though when he listens to this
I am not amused! Really Steven, Really!!
Thursday, I taught Mouse how to make friendship bracelets.
She is now making them for everyone she knows. I love it. She has such a giving heart.

That is it, there was my week.

See what picture did you take this week? Link up with Life Rearranged.

~ Cassi

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