Thursday, May 31, 2012

Camping, year 2

This weekend starts year two of camping with the pop up camper.  We are scheduled to camp eight times this summer, and maybe a few more depending on how the weather is in Fall.  Last year was about learning towing, setup, and cooking.  This summer we hope to expand on our cooking.  We are searching the web for new cooking ideas for the campfire.  We will return to areas we camped last year, but try many new campgrounds this summer.
Our stories from last year have inspired neighbors to think about camping.  I hope they look into it.  For us it has been great for quality family time, geocaching and seeing parts of Minnesota.  We venture into Wisconsin this year!  This year we will also be putting up pictures of our trips on Instagram.  We started posting to Instagram while in California and found it a fun way to show our trip pictures.
So now, the GPS is loaded with geocaches, the camper is ready, the menu is written.  And now we wait for Friday...

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