Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cali Cache

Before we headed to the Cali Redwoods we loaded a bunch of geocaches into our GPS.  The plan was to geocache when ever time permitted.  We had enough fun doing it, and seeing places that we would not have if not for geocaching, that we doubled the amount of caches we have found.  Some caches were easy, just in a rotted out log, others were difficult and took a long time, with many people driving by wondering what we were doing in an odd place, looking at the ground.
We also placed a tracking bug in one of the caches. We are hoping we will be able to track it back to Minnesota.
One of the other hard parts was the gps signal in the woods is spotty at best. So many times we'd think we were by a cache to only look at the GPS again and it would say we were 30 feet away.

This was the smallest cache we've found so far.

This was the hardest one to find. But one of the funniest, we climbed all over. Mouse also wanted to know what the booth was for. Funny the things she will never know about like public telephones.

This cach was out by the Lost Coast.

~ Steve & Cassi

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