Thursday, April 5, 2012

Opening day wear

Major league baseball opening day for my hometown Minnesota Twins is Friday.  I enjoy the baseball season, listening to games on the radio, and talking to Cassi's grandma about the team.  This year there are changes for the Twins.  First change is with the radio broadcast.  The radio team has changed with the retirement of John Gordon and bringing in Cory Provus from the Milwaukee Brewers radio broadcast.  Provus sounds a lot like Bob Uecker, which may take some time to get used to.

The second change that affects our house is the movement of a couple of long time Twins players.
A few years ago I bought Cassi a Jason Kubel shirt.  Kubel is/was her favorite Twin.  He signed with the Arizona Diamondback during the offseason.

When the Twins moved into Target Field I bought a Michael Cuddyer jersey.  He signed with the Colorado Rockies this offseason.

With both our favorite players moving on to other teams we may need to find new favorites, and new shirts and jerseys!


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