Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Help! What to Wear??

We are heading to the beautiful state of California in a few weeks. Steve and I are taking Mouse to a cabin in the woods for a week! We are so looking forward to the vacation and seeing nature.Our plans are to do some hiking, geocaching and picture taking. We also plan on spending a day on the black sand beaches. And a day walking around Fortuna, CA. Our last day will be spent enjoying the Wharf in San Francisco.

But my dilemma is what to pack!?!? So I need help for you all. What do you pack for a trip to the Redwoods. I was trying to decided between outfits like this:
For days around town

Or will I be to cold?

for hiking

Or is this too warm?
And this is how I picture all Californians to look.
Maybe no one dresses like this out there. So please help a girl out and tell me what to pack.

~ Cassi

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