Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Help! What to Wear??

We are heading to the beautiful state of California in a few weeks. Steve and I are taking Mouse to a cabin in the woods for a week! We are so looking forward to the vacation and seeing nature.Our plans are to do some hiking, geocaching and picture taking. We also plan on spending a day on the black sand beaches. And a day walking around Fortuna, CA. Our last day will be spent enjoying the Wharf in San Francisco.

But my dilemma is what to pack!?!? So I need help for you all. What do you pack for a trip to the Redwoods. I was trying to decided between outfits like this:
For days around town

Or will I be to cold?

for hiking

Or is this too warm?
And this is how I picture all Californians to look.
Maybe no one dresses like this out there. So please help a girl out and tell me what to pack.

~ Cassi

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Linda Z said...

You are so cute! CA is so diverse... there are so many subcultures! That far north you might want to think a bit more like an Oregonian. I suggest lots of layering and a warm coat, because this time of year it is just quite unpredictable. San Francisco can be pretty foggy and windy, too. (If you have time, the SF Exploratorium is a really neat hands-on science museum.) It just depends on the week. Double check the forecast and have an amazing time. I'm sure you are going to see some beautiful country!

the pleated poppy said...

oh you need to check the weather! it can be so fickle here in ca, one day 80* the next 60*. layers are always a good idea. and in northern ca, i'd guess bare legs won't work for a bit longer - sorry!

cassi said...

Thanks for the heads up on hte SF Exploratorium, Mouse would love that

Cassi said...

The no bare legs is good to know, I have been going back and forth on shorts or carpris to pack

{ Carroll's } said...

O jealous about California. Love the look with the dress!

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