Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Review ~ The Beauty Book

Mouse and I had the chance to review a book for Book Sneeze (you can giggle it is a funny name). They work with a great selection of Christian based publishers for both kids and adults. Mouse has wanted to do a review of her own for awhile now and when this book showed up on their list I knew it was one I wanted her to see.

The Beauty Book is part of The Lily Series. The Lily Series is a series of fictional novels based on the life of Lily and how God teaches her that she is perfect in His eyes. The Beauty Book follows along in that series with a more in depth look at beauty and God's message.

The book has quizzes, journal areas and how to's. It is set at just the right age for our nine year old. It gave us so good conversation starters. I think the best thing I learned was that Mouse isn't as caught up with looks as much as I was at her age. It was great to hear her say things like "I never think about what my skin looks like compared to others or my hair." The Bible references were a good reminder to me also that God sees much more than we do.

Now for Mouse's review:

The stuff I liked from the book was that you learned that you are beautiful in your own way. You learn that God loves us and what God says about us. I liked how they used pictures in the book to show what they were talking about. The activities in the book were fun to do. They were good for 9 year olds.

~ Cassi & Mouse

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