Thursday, March 15, 2012

You owe me dad

Earlier this week, do to miscommunication, Mouse did not ride the bus home and was stuck at school.  I was in the driveway and talking to Cassi on the phone when I said, "I'm home now".  Cassi said, "no, you need to get Mouse from school and head to the eye appointment"  Crud.  I cruised out of the neighborhood and started for the school.  The school called stating Mouse was in tears wondering what to do.  I said I am on my way, be there in five minutes.  Mouse met me at the front door of the school.  First thing out of her mouth was "I'm mad at you dad" but she held my hand so tight that I knew she was just glad to see me.  I calmed her down and while walking to the car she added, "and you owe me two soup cans!"  What?  Oh, I remember, we bought her some clam chowder to go along with a fish meal we had planned.  I ran out of lunches for work and took the soup thinking we would replenish the cans when we did our grocery shopping. That never happened and she likes to remind me weekly that I owe her two cans of soup.

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