Monday, March 26, 2012

Bathroom Redo

Right after we moved in over 6 years ago we painted our main bathroom yellow. And we've hated it ever since. It just wasn't the right shade. So 6 years later we finally decided to repaint. Here is a look at the before.
And here is Steve starting to edge in the new color. What color did we go with you ask? And even if you didn't it's our blog so we'll tell you anyways. Jack Rabbit is the color.  
 Or a gray purple color for those that don't speak funky paint color names. Not sure how they came upon Jack Rabbit. And the next few pictures really don't show case the color correctly.

I love the color! It is amazing what the right color will do to a room and a person's blood pressure. I didn't realize how much anxiety I had with the other color. It's been a few weeks now and every time I go past the room I stop to stare. I am so much happy with it. We decided to update the towels and shower curtain at the same time.
We also decide to use the sunset pictures I have been taking over the years as the decor.  
This one will be the main focal point when you walk in. Then on the side wall will be a collection of smaller sunset pictures I have taken. I am so happy we are incorporating pictures from our travels. I will post more when the pictures are up.
~ Cassi
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