Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ Tired

Today is Friday are you ready for it? Ready to write for five minutes without editing. I am ready so join the rest of us who are ready over at The Gypsy Mama's Blog.
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This season brings out the tired in me. From Thanksgiving to Birthday to Christmas. It is a never ending sea of responsibilities, expectations, and excitement.

Not that any of that is bad, in fact mostly it is the opposite. I love the time with family and friends. I love the Church services reminding me a night long ago. I love the look of white twinkling lights.

But I may be to much of a Martha to truly enjoy the moment. To breath in deep the love that surrounds us at this time of year.

Instead, I worry about food, the 'perfect' gift, the decor. I tend to over plan and rework the pleasure right out of the season.

So I get Tired. I get tired of the commercialization of Christmas that I buy into each year. And each year I tell myself not too.

So again this year I tell my self to be a Mary. Rejoicing in the birth in her King. To take a moment and remember, feel, breath deep the love of family and Salvation.

~ Cassi

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