Friday, December 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday~ Color

It's Friday which means I get to write for 5 minutes on 1 topic. No editing, no changes, just free writing. Join the rest of us over at The Gypsy Mama to write for the joy of writing.


Once a upon a time there lived a little girl who didn't care what people thought. Who idolized a colorful role model. Who thought pink peasant tops and turquoise shorts with pink tights and yellow shoes was the best outfit there ever was.
Then that little girl started to grow up and moved into those vicious high school years and the early nineties where everyone wore solids with flannels of muted tons.
And that girl in the hot pink stuck out and got teased for her crazy style.
That changed everything. Her funky style radically changed to a mute haze of browns, blacks and whites. The primary colors became her choice if she added color at all.
Fast forward 20 some years later... The closet, the house, the life is a sea of plain.
But with the push of a loving husband and a blogland full of colorful friends the shift is starting.
The color and carefree-ness is pushing its way back in.
There is hope for a colorful future.
See hot pink again

~ Cassi

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