Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things that fit in a SUV

We own a GMC Envoy SUV.  This SUV has hauled many things during the basement project.  Wood of any size, the future vanity, ductwork and lately items I thought may not fit.
We picked up an air hockey table for the basement.  I knew width wise it would be a good fit, I worried about the length of the table.  The day we went to look at the table was a cloudy and at times, rainy day.  I was worried the table would stick to far out the back and get wet.  We lucked out, the rain stopped and the roads dried quickly.  We were able to fit the table in the Envoy, after about ten minutes of pushing it around.  It fit so well we were able to close the back hatch.  The issue was we had to push the front seats as far up as they could go.  Cassi had to drive and scrunched right up to the steering wheel. 
This week we purchased doors for the basement, again I thought, width wise we will be fine, but how far out will they stick?  After way to much time at the store we picked the four doors we needed.  We took them out to the Envoy and started to put them in, we lucked out in the length of the doors did not stretch to far out the back.  All four doors loaded easily and a ratchet strap held the back door of the Envoy down.  Only issue was the dome light stayed on and it was already dark out.  This became an issue when we started down a road and two deer decided to have a conversation in the middle of the road.  I did not see them, more worried about the van behind me, but Cassi did and warned me in enough time to move to the shoulder of the road while they ran off to the other side.
I'm pretty amazed on what we are able to fit into the Envoy.  It has made it so we don't have to borrow a truck or trailer from friends and family.


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