Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ Unexpected

It's Friday and how this week is going I am glad it is only five minutes of writing because that is about how much time I have today for this blog.

Topic: Unexpected

It is the unexpected that makes me anxious. The unexpected bill when I crash yet another car. The unexpected price of things that drive up the budget. Those financial things that worry all couples, families, individuals. They seem to be on my mind so much lately.

The more the unexpected comes up the more I earn for the unnecessaries. It's a hold I know he has over my brain,. That I need this or that. Or it's not that expensive. Retail therapy I think some call it. Not that all want is wrong.

But I let it hold in a little too deep sometimes. I let the unexpected financials to eat away at me.

Trust in Him... God will provide for our true needs and the unexpected. That I understand. But how do we reconcile that with our wants. I want a new camera (mine is dying a slow death) and I want a family trip to the ocean this year. Two items that have a death grip on me.

I can give trust to God the the I need to give him trust for my wants. And that my wants are His wants for our family. And to trust if they are not answered prayers.

That maybe there is something else Unexpected out there that is His wants.

~ Cassi

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