Thursday, November 17, 2011

Get a Box - By Mouse

Do you want to help a child in need? Get a box and you can help a child!
Each year the Samaritan Purse group gathers boxes put together by people like you and me. They send them to the kids for Christmas. What a great Christmas present!

You can send the child all sorts of stuff like pencils, toys, soap and anything else you can think of. Except there are a few things you can't send like Army men, because some of the kids live in countries that are in war zones. Some of the kids live in Guatemala or Africa where it is hard to get stuff or they can't afford it.

Like markers to Africa or Pencils to Columbia. Are great for kids who won't normally get this stuff.
Today in Awana club (I will talk about in different post) we talked about how some kids don't know God and we have to find ways to show them.

You can pick a child either boy or girl and you can pick the age you want to buy for. So pick one and make a child happy. Show them God's love today. Hurry this program ends November 21st! You must hurry to help a child in need.
~ Mouse

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