Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ Relevant

It's Friday, which means time to join the girls at Gypsy Mama. Write for five minutes on one topic unedited.

"pertinent to the matter at hand,"

The matter at hand to society is not what is Relevant to me.

I don't know what Jersey Shores is about. I have never watched a show where someone is voted off an island (is that even still popular?). I try hard to not watch shows that give parents, kids, families a bad name.

I am not versed in what is Relevant to our culture.

I am trying to stay relevant to my God, my Marriage and my Family. I (we) are in a fight to save our marriage, to grow our faith and be present in our families. Fighting a fight that our culture wants us to loose.

Praying daily for the strength to win the fight.

To daily bring in things that are Relevant to US

~ Cassi

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