Monday, October 3, 2011

Comfort Zone

Yesterday I stepped outside my comfort zone. I attended a blogger meet-up. My first! I also decided that I really should do this alone.  I didn't bring my Mom, a friend or Steve. This in it's self would rack me full of nerves. I always bring someone with. But I felt led not too. To meet the girls who's blogs I follow, to be the unread blogger of the group.
As I stood at the door of Amelia's Floral, the bitter aroma of Gigi's coffee filled my senses as anxiety started to take over. But the beautiful eclectic feel of Amelia's and the friendly staff started to easy the nerves.

I was nervous about being the non-city girl of the group. But soon I was laughing with Heather about giving out generic locations, because no one knows our small towns. We are eight minutes apart! The group turned out to be quite diverse in locations. Gussy put together a great group to build Terrarium. (more about that tomorrow)

Thank you Gussy for a fun afternoon but thank you more for pushing us outside our comfort zones.

~ Cassi
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