Thursday, July 21, 2011


I tell Cassi that I love her quite often.  There are times when she asks me why.  She likes to put me on the spot.  I tell her why, keeping in mind to not state the obvious.  I try to dig deep into my feelings with the answer.  I like to think of the question of why I love her throughout the day.  Every day there is a reason to love her more and more and every time I think of the question I can find great things about her that makes me love and want to show her love more and more.

For example, earlier this week I had a softball game.  The heat wave has settled over Minnesota.  Air temp was 97 degrees.  Heat index went up to 114 degrees.  Through the heat she sat and watched not only one but two softball games.  The second game was a surprise game that came about because other teams did not show from the heat.  We talked it over and she said, "let's stay and you play"  This impressed me so much.  She sat through the heat to support me.

A great thing about her is her love of trying new food.  If it was up to me the weekly menu would not change much.  Meat, potatoes, pizza, and tacos every once in a while.  On the weekends Cassi sits down and comes up with a menu and tries to incorporate new food into the meals.  I have eaten things I never would have tried if not for her.  Indian food is the biggest item she has added to our menu.  Her biggest challenge is to get me to eat a raw tomato.  That may be a life long challenge!

We should all take time to think of the answers to the question of "Why do you love me"  Significant others need to hear these answers.  Be sure to take time to let yours know why you love them!


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