Friday, July 8, 2011

Mouse caught a fish

This week Mouse had one of her firsts. She went fishing! Mouse has been talking about fishing for a few years now. We have never been sure how she got this fascination with this Minnesota past time, since neither Steve or I fish. But she has wanted to for ages. My Dad even set up one of their rods with a weight on the end so she could practice casting in the yard. And for the last year or two that has been the extent of her fishing, until this past week.
While up at the cabin last weekend she got to go fishing out on the boat. Sadly though they didn't catch anything. But Mouse wasn't ready to give up when they got back to the dock she cast her line again. This time she was able to reel in a tiny big sunfish. She was soo excited.
Then yesterday my Mom and Grandmother took her up north to the lake I grew up on to visit some old family friends. They took her fishing on the lake my brother and I learned to fish on. There she caught her first keeper fish. I guess she told my Mom this was one of the best days of her life.
The whole experience was so heart warming to me. To see the pictures of my daughter learning to fish next to the man who fished with my brother and I so often. I am so glad my Mom and Grandma were able to take her.

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