Friday, July 15, 2011

Marshmallows.. Oh how I love thee

Alright you should know this by now but I have a huge obsession with marshmallows. I will eat s'mores year round. I make homemade marshmallows. But my favorite is just slightly roasted marshmallows straight from the fire. Then Jet Puff comes up with JUMBO marshmallows. They are huge! Like three marshmallows in one. When we were at the lake the cabin owner roasted one, just perfect lightly browned on all sides. And then he handed it over to me..
Then as I was taking it off the stick half the melted marshmallow slid down the stick. But I wasn't about to let that perfectly good gooey deliciousness go wasted. Steve thought it was so funny he started clicking pictures.  
 I did mean every last piece of melted perfection.
 And did I mention JUMBO! Here is the other half of the marshmallow, and yes I ate that too.
Then Steve had his style of charred marshmallow. He says they are good that way but he is wrong.
~ Cassi

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