Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Some Pink

Here is how a typical morning works at our house. Steve gets up way early and heads off to work. An hour or so after he leaves I quit hitting snooze and get ready for work. By the time I am ready to go my Mom is at our house to watch Mouse. I know we are very lucky! This allows Mouse to sleep for another 45 minutes. Which she likes since she takes after me and is not a morning person. It is not till I get home from work do I actually have time to take my what I wore picture. I get home and immediately Steve takes my picture and then we start our night. So it always surprises me when any of us match.
Take this outfit for example. I have never put these pieces together before. Pants & Shirt: New York and Co, Vest: Geoffrey Bean, Jewelry: I think Maurice's and Shoes: DSW. I am actually quite happy with the way the outfit turned out. But I laughed when I got home and saw that Mouse (who just had to get her picture taken too) was in pink, grey and black. 

Her Tank: Target, T-shirt: Walmart and Pants: Children's Place. The necklace is an old one of mine I found. Since she is doing a report at school on dragonflies, I gave it to her. She was very excited. The pink and black hair extension you can just barely see are the new feather extensions. A gift from us when we went to the last Roller Derby bout of the season a few weeks ago.
I am also still working on the braid look. I think I have it down pretty good now.

I am linked up to Pleated Poppy- What I wore Wensday
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