Monday, March 14, 2011

Fixing a shirt is a snap!

So I bought this Anne Taylor t-shirt around Christmas time with a gift card I received from my Mother-in-law (she loves me)! Now one thing to know about me is that I am horrible with my clothes. Horrible is putting it mildly. Which is why I don't spend a lot on my clothes. But this t-shirt was different. It has pearls, beads and rhinestones on it. I knew I had to be careful with it. Steve was given instructions to not wash the shirt. That I would take care of it.

BUT.... I am set in a routine. I took the shirt off, turned it inside out and threw it in the laundry bin. Days later Steve comes to me with my newly washed t-shirt, that is now missing three pearls! He didn't recognize it inside out and I threw it in the bin. A combination of errors leads me to a Brainblast

**BrainBlast! Oh how I miss Jimmy Neutron. Why can't Mouse be into those shows any more? Why did they quit making new ones***

Back to my snappy fix. I was working on a new hair flower when I realized that it would hid the missing pearls perfectly. I looked around for a pin to add the flower to. No such luck! Then I came across my box of snaps. That's it!! I sewed a snap to the t-shirt and snap to the flower. Now I can sew more snaps on the other hair flowers I have made. This way I can change up the look of the t-shirt and still remove the flower for washing... HAND WASHING this time!
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