Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mouse's Paris Room

Welcome to Mouse's room. As you stand at her door you start get a hint of what lies within. It will be girly and it will be pink!
The wreath you saw here, so I don't need to go more into that.
This is what started it all. Mouse has a collection of Eiffel Towers. She loves every Paris, French and Fancy. Most of this stems from reading Fancy Nancy books. It makes it easy for people to pick her up little things on vacations or when I am out and about. The center plaque she made her self at one of those Paint Your Plate places. The shelf above that holds a name sign that I have pinked out as to keep her name personal.
Now you are starting to get a glimpse of the very pink room! My Dad, Mom, Mouse and I all worked on getting this room pinked. Mouse picked out the colors and design her self. My only say was how the stripes went. My favorite part as this pattern should last through her teen years. At some point in time I would like to replace the headboard with a white one. And we have now hung a magnetic board on the wall beside her bed. The board I decoupaged with a map of the Paris streets. (I will have to take a picture of that)
This is one the opposite wall from the bed. The mirror is one of my favorite thrifted deals. I got this huge mirror already painted for $30 on my first day out looking for a big mirror for Mouse's room. She added the pink feathers to "fancy" it up even more.
This is my favorite part of the room. Mouse received the desk from her Great Aunt. I sanded and painted it white and add crystal knobs. Then the frames we got from her Great Grandma, we both painted the black and white.
Now for all of you who would complain that this is a child's room, there are toys in here. I hid most of them for the pictures but here is her Barbie corner. Which is going to change into a American Girl corner once the basement is done and she is able to move this to the basement. And for those that need it even more really... 
Yep this is what her room looks like almost all the time. There are always clothes that need to be put away and bookshelves in disarray. The dresser was my parents S and I painted it white for our first house. When we moved it to Mouse's room we added pink crystal knobs. So that is Mouse's room.

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