Monday, December 6, 2010

Birch Log Vases

I haven't always been big into decorating for Christmas. Mostly because my birthday is close to it and growing up we always seemed to be decorating for Christmas when I thought we should be celebrating my birthday. But, since having my daughter, I have really gotten into the season. It might also have to do with getting older and not celebrating birthdays as much. (no that can't be it)

Earlier this year S and I went to a resort for the weekend, while there we saw these beautiful birch log vases. So we decided we would make some for our house. Here is how we did it:
First I went to my parents and found two birch logs. One was very long and thin, that one S cut into three sections of varying heights. We decided to go with a Christmas look to the vases, so I picked some fake flowers at the store. These I cut apart so I could work with them easier.
S helped a lot in the making of these vases. Once he cut them into the height we were looking for he took a drill bit and hallowed out the top half of the logs. By adding some hot glue to the stems I placed the flowers inside. And here is the finished products:

And from the top:
They are sitting on the side of our front door now. I should not these are not pictures by our front door, the crappy floor is the garage floor.
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