Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Down and Out

This has been me since the night of Thanksgiving until today.  I have been down with a nasty cold. I haven't been this sick in ages. Even when I get the flu I can bounce back after a day but this took it out of me. I went from tired and a bit achy to not leaving the bed in a matter of a day. Then it took another day before I made it to the couch. After the couch it still took a few days before I could say I was on the mend. Though the cough, that sounds like I am 90 with a smoking problem, is still here (yes, it's as gross as it sounds), I am on the mend. Today, I made it into work, thankful to have been able to work from home for part of it and not loose all of my PTO. Thankful to that Steve has not caught it. Mouse gave it to me but she didn't get it half as bad which I am also thankful for. 
So my blog has been quit because I haven't the energy to work on it. But it will be back to it's three times a week posts now. 
~ Cassi

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