Monday, November 17, 2014

Volleyball Season

Today marks the end of another volleyball season. I so enjoy watching Mouse participate and grow in a sport she likes. This year she was a bit nervous about it. The teams are chosen through a random draw and she was on a team of girls where she didn’t know most of them. That always causes her a bit of anxiety at first. But the coach this year did an amazing job with the girls. He took girls from two different school and turned them into a team.

She now has friends that she will keep through junior high and high school as the school merge at those grades. The coach also worked hard on them to improve their skills but kept the fun in the game. During a few other games we watched the coaches get mad or distant to their team as the girls played poorly. But even on days where the girls would rather chat then play (because their 11!) our coach kept on them but was never harsh. It was so nice to see in the face of all the negative talk sports get now.

At their last practice the coach had a game of parents against the girls. They loved it. With my arm issues I wasn’t able to play but I took pictures on the sidelines for the girls to remember this by. I am not sure how much form or technique the Dad’s (that was all that played) showed the girls.

They all laughed a lot at the antics of their soccer/volleyball playing Dads. The girls still lost so they decided to mix it up and do another round of games with Dads mixed into the teams. Which only brought on more giggles from the girls. It was a fantastic way to end practices. Now tonight we have one more game, though with the promise of Dairy Queen at the end we’ll see how focused these young ones are.
~ Cassi

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