Monday, October 20, 2014

Compassion Weekend

It's been a while since I mentioned Compassion on this blog. We are still loving the organization and our sponsor child. This weekend Mouse and I got to show that love through working a booth at Lifeway Christian Bookstore.
It is so great Lifeway has agree to be apart of the Compassion mission and is putting Compassion information in theirs stores. To kick it off they had us advocates working booths this past Saturday.
Mouse and I were disappointed in the turn out at our store, only 1 child sponsored but we know it's just the start. Already one of the works was talking about sponsoring a child.
As people come through the store and see the sign it will be a reminder for them of the kids in need around the world. And you never know the sign might be the last turn on their "pickle jar."
I hope for some of you this post is your last turn.
Go now as sponsor a child in need through Compassion.

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