Monday, September 8, 2014

Ren Festival ~ My Little Archer

Mouse has lots of passions in life, one of them is the Renaissance Festival here in Minnesota. She has gone almost every year since she was four.
She loves the make believe that surrounds this place. Which means she has to go in costume. This year she went as an Archer/Huntress.
While there she picked up the final piece to her costume a gold headpiece. I have to say I really think she picked the perfect finishing touch to her costume.
This year we decided not to do any of the games or rides and just take in a show and walk around.
The show we sat for was the Robin Hood show, it was totally not worth it. She loved it. It was a comedy of errors style show done by not good actors. But there was falling and water splashing so it worked for her.
She also had met one of the actors at our State Fair a few days before so we looked her up. She was with a group of actors that taught people how to do the courtly dances. Mouse joined her group for a dance.
I being not a good dancer stayed back to take pictures. It was fun to watch and laugh at the miss-steps, they were laughing too. I am not that cruel to laugh at a mistake of others, especially when one of them is my kid.
We also checked out the new mermaid lagoon.
Mouse wrote with a feather pen.

And I got a henna tattoo.

It was fun Mother / Daughter date that I am glad she still wants to do with me.
~ Cassi

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