Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY from small projects to dreaming BIG

One of the things I love about Steve is his willingness to jump on board with any project I come up with. In working on our Library/Office room I have been looking for a small couch to finish off the space. But I just can't seem to find one to fit in the price I want to pay. Steve came up with an idea to take Mouse's old crib and make me what I am looking for. Its exciting to be working on project with him again. Its been a while since our last home DIY.
We have done lots of projects from little to big within our house and yard with a mixture of successes and failures. But it is his future dreams that make me the most happy.

A few years ago he mentioned once Mouse is old enough to either camp in a tent or no longer wants to camp with us. We would pick up a vintage camper and redo it. The reason to wait is most of these only have one bed in them. Now whenever we go camping we take a stroll through the campgrounds looking for vintage campers. This one caught our eye at our last campground. It was so great from the outside. We both hope we find one like it in a few years.
What are your DIY dreams, big or small?
~ Cassi

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