Monday, February 10, 2014

Universal Studios ~ Island Adventure

Universal Studios, Florida, Islands Adventure, travel
As much as we are Harry Potter fans, we did venture outside of Hogsmead for a while during our trip. The rest of the Island was as good as Potter World. Mouse really enjoyed what each area had to offer. After her scare on the "Forbidden Journey" ride, it took the Seuss roller coaster to get her back into rides.
Universal Studios, Florida, Islands Adventure, travel
This one is for little kids, but it brings around and through most of Dr Seuss land, which with all it's crazy statues it is a fun ride to take. We really liked the bright colors and slightly skewed aspect of the Seuss area, you just couldn't help but smile.
The next area that Mouse love (and really she might have liked this over Potter world) was Jurassic Park. This part was half amusement park and have children's museum.
Universal Studios, Florida, Islands Adventure, travel
There was this three story or more climbing area. I was so proud of Mouse, normally these things scare her but she was all for it this time. Then there was a swing ride that took you high over the Jurassic jungle which we both thought was fun. But her favorite part had to be the dinosaur museum, where she could help search for and hatch dino eggs.
My favorite ride was the Spider-man ride.
Universal Studios, Florida, Islands Adventure, travel
This 3D ride was by far better than anything I could imagine. It was like stepping into the cartoon. I knew it was just images but I still ducked when bricks started whipping past my head. Steve couldn't see the 3D as well so he didn't think the ride was that great, but I loved it and so did Mouse.
She also love the Toon Lagoon area. This part I thought was kind of boring but she liked seeing all of her Sunday morning comics come to life.
Universal Studios, Florida, Islands Adventure, travel
There was lots of photo ops here, which we took advantage of. There was also a lot of water rides so we didn't venture on any for this trip.
One area we all decided was not to miss when coming to the Island Adventure was the one man show of Poseidon's Fury.
Universal Studios, Florida, Islands Adventure, travel
For this you enter the crumbling tomb of Poseidon and enter into a 30 minute show that will amaze you. I really don't want to say to much about it, so we don't ruin it for someone else. But I will say we waited over an hour to see it for a second time and even Mouse thought the wait was worth it.
And that ends our trip to Universal.
~ Cassi

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