Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Becoming a Parent

I have come to realize that you truly feel like a parent when you step back and realize your parents were pretty great. 
Last night we sat for over two hours working math problems out with Mouse. I can't say we (I) handle the whole two hours well. I wish I could have been  more like my Dad, he was patient. He would sit up for hours at night trying everything to get me to understand math. I remember him breaking up toothpicks and tears coming to my eyes as I still didn't see it. 
And as the tears rolled down Mouse's eyes last night it all came rushing back. 
Those nights of frustration. 
How it pains me to see it now in Mouse. 
But at the same time it fills my heart to know how much he cared, my Dad. 
I hope to emulate that more in the future. 
~ Cassi
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