Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What we Wore Wednesday

I love that my new job has a more relaxed dress code, meaning I can wear shirts to the office that have a design on them!  For that past seven years I have worked my way through a strict dress code (no open toed shoes) to a slightly more relaxed dress code, sweater sets to now a business causal to causal setting. I am loving that possibilities this gives me with my wardrobe. Goodbye stuffy suits and prim sweater sets.  Hello, fun patterns and trending layering.

Alright it won't be that quick of a transition, I still have an entire closet full of the first and very few pieces of the latter. But each time I go shopping it will slowly decrease in boring to fun.

Here is my first stab at a printed shirt for work.
Peacock Shirt and Pants: New York & Co
Sweater: Target
Boots: Bass Outlet
 Mouse rocked the blue and white combo to. I love what she adds to outfits, like this cute sweater over the dress.
Sweater: Children's Place
Dress & shoes: Thrifted
Jeans: Target
 And here is one of those hold over outfits from my previous environment. Sweater set and scarf combo.
Pants: New York & Co
Sweater: Target
Scarf: Gifted
 And here is just a cute picture of how Mouse is normally at our house. She and her cat Frankenstein have a special bond that is so fun to watch.

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