Thursday, August 30, 2012


Only a few days left until the seasonal schedule change.  School for Mouse starts up on Sept 4 which means the end of car pooling for Cassi and I.  She better stay awake while driving in the mornings now!  My work schedule allows for me to be home by the time Mouse gets off the bus.  In the summer Grandma watches Mouse so it is easy to car pool and pick her up later in the afternoon.  It has been nice, only driving one car, saving on all the gas the SUV uses and also keeping miles off the SUV.
Mouse is also excited for school.  We recently went to the open house and she is sitting by her best friend!  She is very excited. She also gets to sleep in now.  With carpooling she was getting up at 6 AM.  Now she gets to sleep until 7:30, which for her is good, she is not a morning kid!
We can also see the seasonal change in the drive into work each morning.  The sun no longer greets us at the end of the neighborhood road.  I miss the early morning sun.


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