Friday, June 29, 2012

Intsagram Friday~ End of June

The week after bible camp is always difficult. Coming off a mountian top experience to the ordinary is tough. Your mind and heart aren't ready for work deadlines and laundry. Not to mention my body just doesn't recoup from lack of sleep as fast. And we didn't have to much time to rest either.
Monday was good though we took time to go for a walk before the weather here got really hot.
Then Tuesday we had the first of many dentist appoints as Mouse gets ready for braces! I can't believe my little girl is old enough to get them. She is quite nervous about it, but is excited to pick out the colors.  
Steve and I had date night after the dentist. But I forgot to pack extra shoes so my feet were horibble by the end of the night (think tears and whining). The rest of the week I have been wearing no back shoes, which means I got to wear these cute ones. 
Then the tempature here sky rocketed to 100* and the humidity was just as bad. But the kids didn't seem to mind one bit as long as they got to play in this. 
Mouse grabbed a back of bangles from my Mom's house. I decided I needed to grab a few or more myself. I love the different colors she had.  
Am I the only one who is now singing Walk Like an Egyptian? I can't help it I think of it everytime I hear the word Bangles.
Well that was my week. How was yours?

See what picture did you take this week? Link up with Life Rearranged.
~ Cassi

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