Friday, June 8, 2012

Instagram Friday

This week started last Friday when we headed up to Hayward Wisconsin for some much needed family camping time. It was the perfect weekend weather.

Steve and I enjoying the sun and reading books while Mouse played on the numerous playgrounds at the campsite. Speaking of books, think I brought enough with for 3 days.

I think so. I have taken our church's radical challenge and am hoping to finish the Bible by next June. I decided to follow Andy Stanley's One year plan. Once I decided this I saw this group and am bummed to not be following along with them. But it's ok, maybe next time.
The I worked more on perfecting my marshmallow roasting. Oh how I LOVE just lightly browned marshmallows. They are the perfect food.
We spent most of the weekend Geocaching our hobby from last year that has become so much fun for us to do together. We found some pretty small caches this time.

This wasn't even the smallest that we found. One of the things I love about Geocaching is it takes us to places we'd not have seen otherwise.

And then we'd not have seen these beautiful robin eggs. It was sad that the Mommy bird had kicked them out of the nest. But still beautiful in their color.

Then we came back to the real world of work and school again.

Lately I haven't been in the mood for heavy meals so this salad was perfect.

Then I got to spend a lunch hour at the oil change place. Man how I hate the smell of commercial garages. But I do love their floor.

Finally to end the week Mouse went and grew up some more. She is now officially finished with third grade! I am not ready for this, I want her to stay my little girl longer.
That is it, there was my week.

See what picture did you take this week? Link up with Life Rearranged.

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