Thursday, March 8, 2012

The short lived Snow Fort

A few weeks ago we had a couple of inches of snow fall.  The snow blower ran out of gas so I left a third of the driveway full of snow.  Within a few days the snow compacted and iced up.  The snow blower would not throw any of this icy snow.  I started chopping it up with an old steel shovel.  Mouse was riding her snowmobile and then it ran out of gas (with the snow less winter I haven't had to get gas for anything other then the cars!)  She was done riding anyway and started working on a snow fort in the front yard.  I looked at the snow I had chopped up and thought the pieces would make good walls.  I cut up the pieces and we hauled them to the fort area with an older wagon.  Mouses job was to fill in the cracks in the walls we were building.  We worked hard on the snow fort and Mouse was happy with the size and shape of the snow fort.

Within a few days the temperature rose to the upper 50's.  The snow fort walls started to melt and collapsed.  Mouse did not get much play time in the snow fort, but we enjoyed building it!

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