Thursday, January 19, 2012

Restaurant Review: BLVD Kitchen

A few weeks ago Mouse had vision therapy in part of the Twin Cities we never get to.  Because of this we got on our smart phones and looked for a nice new restaurant to try.  After searching many restaurants and trying to decide what we really were hungry for we found a place called BLVD Kitchen

BLVD Kitchen was located around a lot of shopping and was busy for lunch.  We were able to get seated right away.  The wait staff was friendly and even answered questions that Mouse had.  Decor was eclectic with a mixture of subway tiles and wood on the walls and a cool fireplace.

What we ate:
Cassi:  Royale Burger
Good burger, messy burger.  Not on par with other burgers (the Brick burger is what all burgers are compared to)

Steve:  Pulled Pork Sandwich on pretzel bun.  Coleslaw
This was really good, Enjoyed the mixture of coleslaw with the pork and pretzel bun.  A little messy but, well worth the extra napkins.

Mouse:  Chicken Goldrush (with fried egg) and Thai Chicken soup
She ate everything on her plate.  A rarity, plus eating the egg was a surprise to me, she really is not an egg eater, must be because Cassi did not do well with eggs while pregnant with Mouse.

We would recommend the restaurant to anyone.  Good food and enough choices to go back and try again.
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