Thursday, January 26, 2012

House of Pizza Review

Last weekend we were coming home from a short weekend getaway.  In passing through the town of St. Cloud, MN, we decided it was lunch time.  Pizza became the choice.  Cassi started searching for local pizza places and found one called House of Pizza
Reviews were good and it was easy to drive to.  We parked, went in, climbed the steps (it is on the second floor of a building) and found a table.  We were not greeted by anyone when entering the restaurant which worried me, will service be bad?  The restaurant is very clean which, for some reason, I took note of.  After a few minutes a waitress came out to take our order.  We started with cheesy garlic bread which was perfect.
We ordered a large Classic Pizza.  This pizza has sausage, mushrooms and onions on it.  Pizza arrived and we all grabbed pieces but noticed it looked a little different.  The mushrooms were yellowish in color.  I started eating and stated that the mushrooms seemed like cheap canned mushrooms.  Reviews stated the sauce is great, in our mind it was below average.  Not much flavor or spice, no craving for the really saucy piece.  The sausage was good and the onion was a little heavy.  Cassi couldn't eat many pieces and Mouse only had one or two, she filled up on the Cheesy Bread.
We were excited to try House of Pizza, still trying to find a better place then Mr. Pizza in Rochester MN.  House of Pizza does not make it in the top 5 of recommended pizza restaurants.  Pricey and not much flavor.


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