Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mouse finds a mouse, kinda

Last night Mouse had a friend over for a sleep over.  They asked if I would setup the tent so they could play in it.  Sure, the tent is easy to setup and it gives them something to do.  Tent goes up, I go to garage to work on lawn mower then then...

the screams of "There's a mouse!" come from the girls. 

Decision time, the girls were already out of the tent and safe, do I get a cat to investigate? 

Mouse's cat would love to chase a real mouse. 

What do I have to get this mouse out of the tent? Plastic bag and long screwdriver, that will work.
I walk to the tent and ask "is it alive or dead"?  Mouse says "dead" and points to one of the pouches on the tent wall. 

Strange, how did a mouse get into there?  The tent is rolled up pretty tight, must be one determined mouse.  I try to flip the pouch.  Nothing happens, mouse stays in the pouch.  I then take a picture of the mouse for the blog evidence.  (Picture does not turn out, bummer.)

I poke it make sure it is dead, wait a minute!  It sounds like plastic.  I turn the mouse over to discover it is a toy owl that mouse had.

"I've missed that owl!" she screams. 

My heart rate returns to normal...


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