Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the Sands of time

Cheesy title, I know, but I couldn't help it. This weekend the three of us headed up to a friends cabin. Steve spent a lot of his summers here growing up. It is great to share in this tradition with him. He gets to show Mouse the things he liked to do when he was young. In fact Mouse caught her first fish this weekend. It was just a little sunny but she was pretty excited.
Steve and I were also excited to start a new project this weekend. We have decided to start collecting sand and bits of rock or shells from where ever we go on vacations. Then putting it all in a jar with a tag stating the place and year.  This has been done numerous times I know, we are slow on the bandwagon to somethings. Mouse is always collecting rocks from everywhere. She was ecstatic that her rocks could be included in the jars.
Here is what we have so far. The jar is topped off with plastic wrap and the metal lid. I couldn't find the metal top part of the jar so the plastic wrap will have to do for now. Next I will add a piece of twine and a tag to show the location and year. Ok for some weird reason the picture will only show up on it's side!
Here are some of the ones that inspired us to start this project.
The Inspired Room
~ Cassi
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