Thursday, June 30, 2011

Steve's week at Red Rock Camp

This year was my first full week at Red Rock Camp.  What did I learn?  A tabernacle full of things.

I learned while I watched Cassi work as Dean of Women.  I watched from right beside her and from a distance.  I am so impressed with how she runs the camp and councilors. 

I learned about the Prayer of Jabez and will be looking for the book to finish. 
I learned more about prayer and praying with others.  Cassi and I prayed deeply for our marriage.  Friends prayed deeply for us.  I am very humbled by the people who came up to us and stated they are praying for us. 

I learned from a husband and wife who have been married for over 40 years on making a marriage last.  I personally took a lot away from that discussion.  Learned that marriage is not always easy and it is a constant work in progress and that prayer is very important in a marriage.

I learned to sing during church service.  I am not a singer, bad voice, no training.  I know the songs and started singing, maybe not in a loud voice, but still I was singing.  It carried over to our home church service.

I learned that Cassi and I can sleep in a single bed together for a whole week!  It was actually quite comfortable and within a day my shoulder area had stopped hurting!

I learned that for years I let Cassi down by not going and participating in Red Rock Camp.  A camp she dearly loves and works hard every year to make run smooth. 

I learned that I can't wait to go back next year!


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