Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OM~ Missionaries

OK so maybe they had me at OM, which reminded me of Odyssey of the Mind. That OM I was in during elementary and loved the advance programs for students. But this OM was completely different.
Every year at camp we have missionaries come and speak to the camp. I will fully admit that I barely listen to this. I am not sure why but I since adulthood my ears seem to be closed to this field. But this week was so different. From the minute they introduced themselves I felt connected.

Ty and Carolyn brought missions to the camp in the same way others have but this time God had opened my ears. One way they were different from other missionaries was they belong to a global group called OM, Operation Mobilisation. They were able to talk about so many different areas where we can get involved. Also loved my talks with Carolyn and the support she gave Steve and I. I pray that our budding friendship is able to continue to grow.

Now a few weeks back Steve asked if I could start my own business what would it be. He thought I would have chosen a vintage show (which is a close second) but I knew in my heart that a bookstore would be my calling. Then just two weeks later the Stewart's come and rock my idea of what mission are. They talk about a boat. I know real exciting, oh but it is, this boat is a floating bookstore. My heart sings.

OM's Logos Hope is a ship that brings books to those nations where books are not readily available. Bringing knowledge and dreams and God's love, what a combo! God has opened up my ears and my heart to this mission. Just look at these statistics:
  • Since then OM's ships have visited over 500 different ports more than 160 countries and territories and welcomed over 40 million visitors on board
  • Volunteers from over 50 countries serve on our ships. All crew and staff are volunteers. No-one – including the captains – is paid a salary (what commitment).
  • The floating book fair offers over 5,000 titles, providing many visitors their first-ever opportunity to purchase quality educational and Christian literature
You can help, they have the normal donations but they also have an online bookstore with amazing prices. I am not sure how to give to Ty and Carolyn if you are called to do that their email is on their blog.


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